Hotel NEXT

All You Need, with a Touch of a Button

Our goal is to drive convenience and comfort through the use of technology, allowing you to engage and experience the property and destination as you see fit. No more waiting in lines to check in, communication barriers or inconvenience just simple easy ways to connect. We are on a quest for nothing less than the evolution of the hotel experience utilizing personal service, devices and interactive touch points. Our continued commitment to our guests, staff and brand is to constantly innovate and to boldly use new points of connection both physical and digital. Welcome to Hotel NEXT.

Mobile and Kiosk.

Choose how you want to engage, easily connect to our mobile technology native or progressive web app, receive notifications of upcoming local events and ways to learn and enjoy your travels. Check in through our lobby Kiosks or purchase tickets and get information on local events and attractions from your phone, touchscreen or local destination expert 

Your Stay Connected

Over 200mb Wi-Fi for a 20-room hotel, ensuring ability to stream, cast and connect anywhere on property.

Come for the comfort stay for the technology.

Destination Information, Booking And Ticketing

Find all the local hot spots and the best places to eat, easily reserve your table or find tickets for local tours, tequila trains and shopping. Everything in one place to enjoy your stay and explore Guadalajara. Tequila Tours, Local Art, Colomos Park, and all types of unique travel tours.

Coming Soon!

Mobile Check In and Check out.

Go right to your room no front desk, start your experience as soon as you arrive, Text us if you need anything

Mobile Key.

Get your room key before you arrive, get to your room and embrace the technology and freedom as you roam through the property and check out what we do and love to do every day

Staff Connect.

Our version of In Hotel texting, simply pick a department and text us through the app, we will respond within minutes and ensure you get what you need. Schedule room cleanings and more.

Destination Information, Booking and Ticketing.

Find all the local hot spots and great places to eat, reserve your table or find a ticket for the Tequila train tours. Everything in one place to enjoy your stay and explore Guadalajara.