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Our Story

We launched Hotel NEXT to take the things we don’t like out of hotel stays. But also, to provide a cutting-edge technology solution that puts our guest front and center.

Ever had to wait in line to check in? Not at Next. Ever had to wait for your room key or to get a replacement? Not at Next! Ever had to fight to get a different room? Not at Next. Ever wanted to see exactly what your room and view look like before you get to the hotel? We did too, that’s why we built a different type of hotel. Built around the philosophy of how we live and work. Come experience our first Hotel in Zapopan; Guadalajara´s metropolitan area. 



In the area, stuff to do and experience around our hotel.

Zapopan is best known as being the home of the Virgin of Zapopan, an image of the Virgin Mary which was made in the 16th century. This image has been credited with many miracles and has been recognized by Popes and even visited by Pope John Paul II.

The municipality is also the home of the Centro Cultural Universitario, which contains one of the most important concert venues in Latin America and is the home of the new stadium for the C.D. Guadalajara, the top modern museum in the city, amazing hiking and running trails whatever you like to do there is something fun to do at or around Hotel NEXT. Not bad for a 475 year old city, come seek your experience.